We Needed a Fast and Stable Connection

When I was a kid, I got so excited when my parents got a second phone line for the house. That meant that we could log onto the internet a lot more often, since we were limited with just the one phone and a dial up connection. That was 20 years ago, and now I have kids of my own. They laugh at my stories of how life used to be, even though it was not that long ago! They have never experienced dial up because we have ATT internet, which is definitely better. It’s like comparing a one bedroom apartment with the Buckingham Palace.

When my husband and I moved here a few years ago, making sure we had a good internet connection was one of our top priorities. We knew that with how things were progressing in so many areas of our lives that we would need a fast and stable connection because it was just going to get more and more technological as time moved on. Continue reading